What We Do

We combine the Sustainability discipline (LEED), Biophilic Design (WELL), and Scientific Feng Shui principles (Human-Centered Design); three methodologies that aim at creating a more synergetic relationship between humans and nature.


The WELL Building Standard is the leading global rating system, improving the health and wellness of building occupants through better designs, operations, and organizational policies.

How We Improve Spaces



We introduce natures' elements into your space to reduce stress, enhance creativity, and clarity of thought. As WELL AP, certified professionals, we ultimately want to improve your overall wellbeing. Humans have a psychological need to be around living things and our objective is to amplify this dynamic and creative symbiosis.

Our Design Process


Our comprehensive design service starts with research and analysis of the ideal site, use of space, and its’ purpose. Our main goal is to create a built environment that makes people feel at home, aligning the project value with its’ intent. We produce cohesive designs from big ideas to the smallest of details. 

We listen to your ideas.

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We develop and create your exclusive built environment whilst focusing on enhanced balance, harmony, and well-being. We design bespoke pieces that will be unique to your project. We produce documentation of the approved design using the latest 2D and 3D drafting technologies. 

We transform your vision into reality.

Interior Architecture + Bespoke Design2.


We implement your final design notion by executing, controlling, and closing all aspects of your project, managing trades, timelines, and set goals using Gantt charts and budget spreadsheets.

We make sure that all tasks are completed following the pre-established parameters. 

We represent your interests.

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